Warming Your Vehicle? Lock It Up!

Henderson, KY 2/15/21– Do you like to warm your vehicle up before heading out to work or heading out for the day? You may want to considering using your spare key to lock it up while it warms up.

Officers from the Henderson Police Department were dispatch to 1400 block of O’byrne Street for the report of a stolen vehicle. Once Officers arrived on scene they were informed that Jack Johnston, 50 of Henderson, went out to start his vehicle before leaving for work. When Johnston went back outside to leave, his vehicle was gone.

Before officers arrived on O’byrne Street, another HPD officer observed the white 2004 Dodge Durango traveling northbound on Green St. The officers conducted a traffic stop on that vehicle which was being operated by Corey Hope, 22 of Henderson.

Corey Hope, 22 of Henderson <furnished>

Hope was arrested and transported to the Henderson County Detention Center and charged for the following:

  • theft of a motor vehicle
  • operating on suspended license

Henderson Police posted to their social media on Monday saying-

Reminder and Warning… when starting your vehicle to warm up or to remove snow, do not, if possible, take your eyes off of the vehicle. If at all possible start the vehicle with a spare, lock the vehicle and do not leave your personal items, other keys in the vehicle. Vehicles are stolen every year when the weather gets cold and people warm them up, leaving them unlocked and running.”

Henderson Police Department- FaceBook