Happening Now: NorthBound TwinBridge Accidents

Henderson, Ky 01/27/21– Henderson emergency crews currently enroute to the Northbound TwinBridge for the report of 2 separate accidents with possible injuries; Baskett Fire Department, Henderson Fire Department, Deaconess EMS, Henderson Sheriff and Henderson City-County Rescue Squad are responding; More updates to come…. (19:40)

UPDATE: Henderson Sheriff Deputy on scene advising NO injuries and Fire/EMS can disregard; Unknown if traffic is blocked at this time; Expect delays in the area; More updates to come… (19:45)

UPDATE:: Deputies on scene tell us they have one lane open to traffic and the wreckers are on the way; Deputy also says State Highway (KYTC) is enroute to re-salt the bridges. USE CAUTION AROUND EMERGECY VEHICLES AND RESPONDERS; More updates to come as we receive them…(20:05)

UPDATE::: HSO Deputy advising roadway is back open at this time. (20:29)