Henderson CrimeStoppers

Henderson, Ky 02/03/21– With an increase burglaries, HendersonWatch LLC wants to make the community aware of just how Henderson CrimeStoppers actually works to eliminate the fear of “being involved” or “being drug into court” for helping police with helpful tips. You can actually get PAID without police (or anyone) ever knowing who you are.

The process is actually quite simple and allows people to remain completely anonymous. HW spoke with Board Members of the Henderson CrimeStoppers and they say tips have actually gone down in recent months. If you want to help police with ANY crime, follow these simple steps:

  • First, if a person has what they believe to be a helpful tip or have information that could possibly lead to the arrest of a criminal of a crime (of any size), they should call the number for your local CrimeStoppers (270)831-1111.
  • When someone calls, they will be greeted with a recording which tells specific details informing the caller what they need to do. When the recording is complete, that is when the person states their “tip” or information.
  • PASSWORD! This is one of the most important steps which will get a person paid if their tip leads to an arrest. Make up any type of password or code which would distinguish you from other callers. Before stating the tip or information, SAY YOUR CODE OR PASSWORD IN THE RECORDING! Write that code or password down. REMEMBER IT. After leaving your code or password, state the information or tip and then hangup. IF YOU LEAVE NO CODE OR PASSWORD WITH YOUR TIP, YOU DO NOT GET PAID FOR YOUR INFORMATION!
  • To check the status of your tip, call the Henderson Police Department at (270)831-1295 on the third Thursday of each month and ask to speak to someone regarding a crimestoppers tip. When you are transferred to an officer, tell them you are simply calling to check the status of a tip you left with crimestoppers. They will then ask for the code or password you used to identify which tip or information you left on the recording.
  • IF YOUR TIP IS AWARDED, the police officer will direct you to a particular bank in Henderson. Once you arrive at the bank drive-thru specified by the officer, you tell the bank teller you are there to pickup a crimestoppers reward payout. At that time the bank teller will ask for the code or password you used when you first gave your tip on the crimestoppers recording. The code or password is your identification. The teller will then send the money out and then the transaction is done! Payday! You get some extra money and the police take a criminal off the streets!

According to Board Members with the Henderson Crimestoppers, each type of crime has a different payout amount. Members meet once a month with police agencies in Henderson to discuss whether any tips have led to arrests as well as checking the status of older tips to see if they have led to any arrests. Once a tip has led to an arrest, the board members discuss a payout amount and vote to move forward with the payout. Members say the bigger the crime, the bigger the payout with murder tips (leading to an arrest) paying the most.

Board Members say the recent burglaries seem to be consistently hitting each week. It’s traumatic to lose valuable and personally important items from your home and the emotional shock of having your property invaded can also be deeply upsetting. Criminals watch out for houses they think are empty and unprotected. Some things you can do to possibly detour home invaders:

  • If you can, fit burglar alarms with flashing lights & sounders at the front & back of your property.
  • Leave lights on or a radio on when you go out. You can buy timer devices to do this automatically.
  • Even if you’re only going out for a few minutes, check that all doors & windows are properly closed and locked.
  • Make sure side & back gates are secure.
  • Don’t leave garden tools outside, keep ladders out of sight  – & ensure sheds, garages and outbuildings are locked.
  • Fit tamper-proof automatic outside security lights.
  • Even when you’re at home, try not to leave accessible windows open at night.
  • If you’re going away on holiday, ask a neighbor to keep an eye on your home. Make sure they take in any newspaper deliveries inside & maybe have them park in your drive.
  • After Christmas is a key time for burglaries, with many houses full of new & valuable items to steal. Don’t alert burglars by leaving packaging outside or near your trash pickup, keep it out of sight or break it dow to fit it in the trash can.
  • Don’t let yourself become a victim of a “Distraction Burglary”, where more than one person is trying to dupe you by distracting you while the other one burglarizes your home.
  • Photograph highly valuable items such as jewelry, paintings, antiques and televisions. Photograph every room in your home. Keep the pictures in a safe place, outside your home.