HCSO: Phone Scam Alert from Sheriff

Henderson, Ky 5/7/22 – The Henderson County Sheriff’s Office says they have received several reports from local citizens that have received calls from a person who identifies himself as an officer with the Sheriff’s Office.

According to Henderson County Sheriff David Crafton, the person making the call tells these local citizens they are in violation of a court order, have failed to appear in court or some other type of issue for which they would be subject to arrest. They are then directed to withdraw money to pay for a bond and/or a fine. Some are being directed to purchase a gift card at Lowes or Target. The person making the calls provides information on the person they are calling such as their car make, maiden name, their place of employment, etc. which tends to make these citizens believe the call is legitimate.

Sheriff Crafton also says the scammers will “spoof” a fake number which shows up on the phone of the person being called. Most of the time the fake number used by the scammers is an actual number that belongs to the Sheriff’s Office.

The public is advised to ignore any such call they get which directs them to send money in any form such as cash, credit card, check, money order, etc. to any entity. No law enforcement agency will contact anyone by phone over these types of issues. Please contact the Sheriff’s Office at 270-826-2713 with any questions on this issue.


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