Fire Season Begins Feb 15th

Henderson, Ky 01/02/21– Kentucky’s Fire Season, which includes many burn restrictions, begins on February 15th and continues until April 30th. According to the Ky Division of Forestry, the fire season is put into affect twice a year, every year.

The fire season consists of a spring and fall restriction period which states no burning within 150 feet of any woodland or brushland during daylight hours (6a-6p). The fire season regulations say it is ok to burn at night because temperatures drop, wind speeds drop, and the night air causes humidity levels to rise. (6p-6a) Keep in mind “woodland” does include tree lines, fencerows and any land covered with trees. Firefighters say some misinterpret the fire season guidelines which leads to large fires and large fines.

The Ky Division of Air Quality also play a large role in all open burning across the state saying “Learn BEFORE You Burn”. In Henderson County, the volunteer fire departments try to provide an Ky Division of Air Quality pamphlet (pictured below) to land owners when they respond to illegal burning incidents. When these departments are first called to an incident involving illegal burns, they attempt to provide as much information as possible regarding the “do’s” and “don’ts” of burning rather than issuing fines and charges. If the fire departments are called to the same landowner more than once for the same issue, things may be a little different.

According to the Ky Division of Air Quality, ignoring state air quality regulations could result in a fine that could go all the way up to $25,000 per day. Air Quality says that most materials are illegal to burn outdoors because they emit harmful air pollutants. Items such as plastics, food scraps, treated or painted wood, tires, and most household trash items are illegal to dispose of by burning. Below is a list of approve allowable open burn materials.

If you have any questions for specific fire departments in Henderson County, click the “FIRE” tab here on our website, scroll to the desired department, then click the link provided which will take you to their website or social media pages to send them a message directly. If you want to contact the Ky Division of Air Quality or the Ky Division of Forestry, choose one of the links below.