City Commission Approves Incentives for Utility Payments

HENDERSON, KY, February 23, 2021– February’s challenging winter weather made it hard to get out to run errands, and it was a reminder that the City of Henderson offers a number of options that make it easier to pay your utilities bills without having to do it in person.

At the Feb. 23 Board of Commissioners meeting, a couple of extra incentives were approved to encourage citizens to take advantage of the easier options.

Through June 30, utility customers signing up for automatic payment of their monthly statement for the first time can get a one-time rebate of $35.

Utility customers signing up for electronic mailing of their utility statement for the first time can get a one-time rebate of $15.

Customers who were not already signed up for these options on Jan. 1, 2021, are eligible for the rebates. The credit will be given at the end of 12 months in the program.

Additionally, the City offers an option for eligible customers to set up “budget billing” your utility bill, which averages your billing history and sets up your payment as the same amount every month. The amount is re-evaluated and adjusted once a year based on your payment history.

“This is a very good way to streamline your utility payments,” said City Finance Director Robert Gunter. “Why get out on a day like we had during some of those weather situations we had in February when you can have this convenience.”

You can find directions on how to set up all three services at the City of Henderson web site, //

Look for:

—Utility Auto Pay Authorization (ACH)

—Paperless Billing Form

—Budget Billing Request Form

The City also offers online payments through a third-party automated payment service that charges a convenience fee for each transaction. Information about that service also is available on the web site. Credit card and debit card payments can also be made by telephone and through the web site. For information, call 270-831-1200.