UPDATE: Audubon Parkway Closed at Sorgho Exit

UPDATE 6:45 pm: Airport Sorgho Fire Chief Pat Thompson tells HendersonWatch they have 4 power poles snapped in half on the ground, “Kenergy reps are telling us we are looking at least another hour before Audubon Parkway is opened back up.” says Chief Thompson. He also tells us this was not caused by a wreck, but seems ice and wind have taken them down to the ground.

Sorgho, Ky 02/10/21 5:45 PM: The Audubon Parkway is closed in both directions near the Sorgho exit in western Daviess County, KY (east of the Henderson County Line) due to power lines down across all 4 lanes.

Shutdown duration is unknown at this time.

Updates will come as we receive them.