Ongoing Investigation Continues to Add More Charges

Henderson, KY 7/14/22- With a list of charges longer than my kid’s Christmas list, the already incarcerated Mr. Nicholas Hardrick, 37 of Henderson received more charges Thursday by the Pennyrile Narcotics Task Force (PNTF) on a warrant extending from the ongoing drug / theft investigation with the Henderson Sheriff’s Office and the Webster County Sheriff’s Office after locating a stolen 2015 Yamaha side-by-side ATV.

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Nicholas Hardrick, 37 of Henderson

During the investigation, PNTF detectives received information that Hardrick was using a Yamaha ATV during some reported burglaries and thefts. According to the release, on June 30th a PNTF detective received information pertaining to suspected stolen Yamaha ATV being in the Countryside Drive area of Webster County. The detective and a deputy with the Webster County Sheriff’s Office conducted a “Knock & Talk” with a subject in Webster County in reference to being in possession of the suspected ATV. During the investigation, detectives confirmed that the ATV vehicle was reported stolen out of Union County.

Detectives say additional information obtained in the investigation led investigators to believe the male subject had received the Yamaha side-by-side from Hardrick as partial payment for previous boat transaction deal between the two. Hardrick had the ATV parked in the woods behind his river camp in Henderson County where it was picked up, loaded onto a trailer and taken to Webster County.

The Yamaha was seized and towed to a storage yard where the Union County Sheriff Department was
notified of the vehicle recovery.

Nicholas Hardrick is currently incarcerated in the Henderson County Detention Center on what seems to be a growing list of charges such as theft, gun and drug trafficking charges connected with this ongoing investigation.

Hardrick was served the warrant and charged, adding a $1,500 full cash bond, for:



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