Flooding: To Stay or To Go…

Reed, Ky 3/6/21- According to Henderson Emergency Management the crest at EVV is now forecasted at 44.3′ on March 9, 2021 but keeps edging upwards with each new run. Agency Director Kenny Garrett says if the current forecast holds, we will be equal to 2019. In 2018, the crest was 46.87′ and 1997 was 47.52′. The 1937 flood was 53.75′ but we are nowhere close to those levels for this event (at this point).

Water approaching the rear of homes on Highway 811 in Reed

Currently, with the exception of Hwy 60 East, most state and county roads in the Reed/Beals area have water over them in spots. Alzey bottoms roads are similar. Due to the current height of the river in these areas, emergency responses will likely have some delays if crossing water is involved.

Highway 811 Closed Near Ohio River Road #2

Henderson Emergency Management is coordinating with Reed Fire Chief Phil Stephens and announcing that if the water reaches a forecasted crest of 45′, EMA will be moving the mobile command post from the Health Department to Reed to support emergency response efforts.

Construction Site for new Spottsville Bridge Flooded

“They just raised crest to 44.3 which is going to be a big event folks. If it gets there or higher most roads will not be drivable anymore. Start making your preparations now. If you do not want to be trapped behind water you should leave today. It’s coming up fast rite now and conditions will start changing dramatically. We are over 43.5 now. Pretty much all county roads have water over them at this point. If you choose to stay and or drive through water please be very careful. Never travel alone or at the very least make sure someone knows you are crossing water and exactly where you are crossing. Remember that Hwy 60 usually goes under about 45. Hopefully we don’t get there. Watch out for each other and be careful. We will get through it like we always do.”

Reed Fire Department

“We can’t predict when the crest will come and at what level it will be, but we have a response plan that has already been activated. On a positive note, the river water is forecasted to recede quickly after crest.” says Garrett.

View from the Spottsville Bridge of the Lock & Dam

“In the meantime, be prepared to move if necessary. Back waters are moving quickly- Don’t drive through flooded areas. You don’t know what’s happened under the water. The road could be washed out or if it’s a long road you could lose your bearings and end up in a ditch or completely off the road. All of which would likely require emergency responses to save your life. Those responses take time and with water temps below 74 degrees, hypothermia will set in quickly further compounding issues and these water temps are way below 74 degrees. Please use good judgement and don’t travel through flooded roadways. At 45′, a mobile command post will be deployed in Reed to support emergency response efforts.

Henderson Emergency Management
Road that leads to the Spottsville Boat Ramp

If you need emergency assistance dial 911, but if you need other assistance you can call the non-emergency line at (270) 827-8700. If you have questions for Henderson Emergency Management, you can call (270) 831-1235 from 7am to 3:30pm M-F. If you want to contact Henderson EMA outside those hours, or if you have questions for the Reed Fire Department, you can call the non-emergency line to request assistance.