Henderson, KY 6/17/22 — Budge Industries is excited to announce the expansion of their Henderson, KY operations. ‘The Original Car Company’, Budge, has been selling covers for vehicles since 1940, and has been producing their products in Henderson since 2000. Budge is now expanding to a 20,000 sq ft. building at 239 KY-2084. The expansion also comes with a 40% increase in staff, bringing more jobs to Henderson. Budge has seen continued growth for their business, and the new facility will be able to handle increased sales as they expand their marketing footprint outside of the US.

The company takes pride in being an American manufacturer and the move to a larger production facility will allow them to make more American-made product lines, including a new high-end line of RV covers.

“We’re expanding into another facility to increase our manufacturing capacity as we continue to bring jobs back to America,” said Tom Bagby, Senior Vice-President of Operations.  “In 2021, we re-shored our premium boat cover product line and saw tremendous success in that market segment.”

In addition to increased customer satisfaction, bringing product lines from overseas back to America will result in better inventory control, which is important to the company with the recent rise in international shipping delays. Budge is also investing in the latest technology for the new facility.

“We’re adding a state-of-the-art fabric cutter to increase the quality and production of our covers,” says Tom.

The new equipment and increased staff will allow Budge to produce 75% more units per week. They also invested in new 3D software which will allow Budge to create custom-fit covers for specific makes and models of cars and trucks. 

Budge Industries has been a long contributing member of the Henderson community and is excited to bring more job opportunities to the area. In April of 2020, at the start of the pandemic, Budge switched gears in their production to begin making masks and PPE for hospitals in the tri-state area. They were able to produce thousands of masks per week and deliver them, at no cost to local healthcare workers. Now with more space and equipment, Budge is prepared to be even more of a helping hand to the community whenever they can.

Jake Goldblum, President and CEO of Budge, speaks on the importance of community and the push for American manufacturing saying, 

“We’ve always done our best to help our community and customers during times of crisis. We hope to continue doing more for others as the company continues to grow.” He goes on to say, “Reinvesting back in American and creating more jobs is another important focus. Not only will our American-made product lines be of higher quality, but so will customer satisfaction knowing that American workers were involved in every step of production.”

About Budge Industries: Budge Industries—“The original car cover company”—is the most recognized name in vehicle protection. Since 1940 we have leveraged our expertise in protective materials to expand our product line to meet more customer needs. Our products are expertly engineered to protect a wide variety of assets from the environment, including UV radiation, airborne contaminants, acid rain, freezing rain, sap, salt, snow, road grime, bird droppings, and other harmful pervasive elements.  Today Budge manufactures and distributes protective covers and film products for cars, trucks, RVs, motorcycles, utility terrain vehicles, all-terrain vehicles, as well as for boats, snowmobiles, patio furniture and more.

For more information, please visit www.budgecovers.com.


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