UPDATE: Audubon Parkway OPEN

Henderson, KY 2/12/21 (1:30PM)- According to Trooper Corey King with Kentucky State Police, the Audubon Parkway is now open to all traffic as of 1:05PM. (@KingofKSP on Twitter)

Henderson, KY 2/12/21 (9AM)- From the Kentucky State Police and Kenergy:

The Audubon Parkway, at the 18 mile marker, will be completely shutdown to all traffic starting at noon today. Kenergy will be repairing damaged powerlines and poles.

The work will take an estimated 3-4 hours.

This closure is the result of Wednesdays ice storm in which Airport Sorgho Fire Fire Department was dispatched to the Audubon Parkway near the Sirgho exits for the report of 4 power poles snapped in half on the ground. Fire Officials say ice and wind took them down to the ground.


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